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Harmon 4-Wheel Drive was started in 1968 by Bill Harmon. Bill worked by day at International Harvester and spent his evenings working on Jeeps with his buddies. Bill was a member of one of the first Tulsa off-road clubs.  He and his sons were well known in the off-road racing circuit, where he was tagged "Wild Bill" for his crazy antics! In 1968 Bill turned his passion into a business and officially opened the doors at Harmon 4-Wheel Drive. The business landed in its current location in the early 1980's. Bill retired in the early 1990's and moved to the Colorado mountains to embrace another passion-snowmobiling. "Wild Bill" and his wife Judy are doing well and enjoying mountain life...and yes, he still snowmobiles!  

Bill's younger son David worked beside his dad and learned from the master from the time he was 12 years old.  David learned the business from every angle. He bought the business and continues to run it in true Harmon fashion--honestly, reasonably, and professionally. What we lack in high gloss we make up for with integrity and honesty. 

Isaiah Harmon is our service manager and lead technician.  Isaiah has grown up doing this work.  He is quiet and focused. Isaiah brings structure and determination to the team.  He is a do it right or don't do it at all kind of tech.  He specializes in differential upgrades and repairs and suspension lifts. He is known in the industry for turning out meticulous work. You will find him to be knowledgeable and honest.


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